Our Mission

At Murphytoons we do 1 thing really well. We illustrate beautiful children’s books. We believe in stories that uplift children and we also believe that authors shouldn't have to sign away the rights to their first born just to have a book made (cough, cough) yes, we’re talking to you vanity publishers. Whether you’re looking to make a small family book, classroom book, or a picture book for the broad public you've come to the right place because we care about authors and we care about kids.

Our Promise to You

We will NEVER ask for royalties or copyright sharing. We are NOT A PUBLISHER and we will never pretend to be one. MurphyToons is a creative firm specializing in Illustration and Book Design (Cover & Interior Layout). We will NEVER give you anything other than our very best and we PROMISE to always put you and your story FIRST. You come in owning 100% Copyright to your story and you will leave owning 100% copyright to your story, illustrations, and characters. We do business this way because it’s the right thing to do.