Making a Memory Book

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Illustration Project, Making a Book | Comments Off

A family memory book is a unique way to remember your loved ones or immortalize an unforgettable time in your life. Sariah Welch Lopez is one author who did this in her book, “A Little, Baby Frog”. Her story recounts a memorable childhood vacation with her mom and best friend.

Making a family memory book can be part fiction part non-fiction. Sariah decided to take her story and make it a fictional recount of  a silly memory she had with her best friend. Creating this book was a way for Sariah to share a fun memory with her friends and family. Having a children’s book of your family memories is like a living family tree illustrated with all the people you love and know.

All you need to start is a single memory or family adventure that you want your kids and grandkids to remember always. From there you partner up with MurphyToons to have the story illustrated with bright fun scenes and you’ll see all of your characters come to life as children’s book characters.

Short stories can have as few as 5 illustrations and be ten pages long, and longer family adventures or full family histories can be as long as you like with unlimited illustrations. Your imagination is the limit.