book-design-iconPublishing a children’s book is easy with MurphyToons by your side. We’ve learned the best process for illustrating and designing children’s books from years of experience. Let our experience be your guide. There are two kinds of book design: Print Book Design or E-Book Design. 

Here’s how it works:

PICK YOUR BOOK DESIGN PACKAGE: LITE, PLUS, or PRO. Find out what each package includes below:

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The LITE Book Design Package is perfect for authors who have published a book before and are familiar with the book printing process. This package includes full interior book design and exterior cover design. The cover image is taken from an existing book illustration already inside the book. Your final product will be a Print Ready PDF that can be taken to the book printer of your choosing!



The PLUS Book Design Package includes an Original Cover Illustration, PDF Book Design for the cover and Interior Book, and Full Setup with This option is a guided process and is our most popular book design choice, because we do just about everything for our authors. The other benefit of this option is that you will qualify for Author Discounted Book Printing with CreateSpace. An average length children’s book of 28 pages at an 8×8 inch size costs around $3.75 to print with CreateSpace. This is a great deal. Check around with other book printers to realize what a great deal this is! CreateSpace will also distribute your book OnDemand through This means your book will be printed only once ordered and you will get around a 70% royalty on each sale. Amazon takes the other 30%; the royalties are different for each book but the average is around 70/ 30. You can order as many copies of your book as you want and sell them on your own website or in your community without sharing any royalties with Amazon.



The PRO Book Design Package includes everything from the PLUS book package with some big additional perks. With the PRO Package you’ll get full Print Book Design with original cover illustration and you’ll get full E-Book Design for iPad and Kindle. The e-book world can be a bit confusing with all the different devices out there. An E-Book created for the Kinlde can’t be read on an iPad or Nook device. So that’s why we include the design of your iPad e-book and Kindle e-book. The file format for iPads is .epub and the file format for Kindle readers is .Mobi. That’s as much as you need to know about the tech side of this! We’ll take it from there and make your Print and E-Book look great. Best of all, when you design a Print Book and E-Book you multiply the ways your readers can purchase your book! This package includes publishing over CreateSpace for Print and for E-Book marketplaces like the iBook Store and

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